Behind the Scene - Various Events

It is important that harm reduction be implemented at both mainstream and under ground raves/EDM events. Just like putting on a seatbelt before driving your car, harm reduction is something people practice every day without even realizing it. Trip! Project has been serving the community since 1995 and relies largely on the efforts of it's dedicated volunteers. They bring information regarding safer sex and safer drug use, harm reduction supplies, provide basic peer counselling and are trained in first aid. Despite this, they still receive little funding/corporate sponsorship despite offering their service at no charge. I fully support Trip! Project, if you would like to know more or to make a donation visit: because everyone matters. Know your body. Know your mind. Know your source.

The first rave I attended was Hey Rebel All Ages Devil's Night Rager on October 30th, 2010 at the former Washington & Johnston Funeral Home. I had only been living in Toronto for two months but I found myself at my first rave, sober, met one of my best friends and heard Zed's Dead play for $15. Four years of raving doesn't hold a candle to people who have experienced the rave scene since it's inception decades ago but I am proudly a part of this community.

Zed's Dead - Journey of a Lifetime - 2010
Zed's Dead - Lost You (feat.Twin Shadow & D'Angelo Lacy) - 2014

Behind the Scene - Harvest Festival

I wouldn't call Harvest Festival a rave but ravers do make up a portion of the attendees. It takes place outside of the GTA and DJ sets are part of a much bigger experience that involves camping, circus/fire/acrobatic performances, art installations and a uniquely community minded atmosphere. I still have a bunch of lifts to make from Harvest but I chose not to include them in the final series.

Behind the Scene - Veld 2014

Tragically, two people died at Veld music festival held in August at Downsview Park. Deaths and hospitalizations such as these are often sensationalized by the media, politicians and the public. This stems from a lack of understanding and unwillingness to implement harm reduction techniques.

What's Behind Music Fest Deaths?How to Create A Safer Nightlife Through Harm Reduction

EDM events became a hot topic in municipal politics once again in April 2014 when large-scale EDM events were banned in city owned buildings at Exhibition Place. In May, city council voted 31 to 4 to reverse the ban.
Veld Festival Deaths Threaten to Bring Back Rave Bogeyman
This is not the first time rave culture and municipal politics have clashed and rallied together in their defence. In 2000 Toronto mayor Mel Lastman passed a law that effectively meant that, "No parties with the performance of electronic music past 3 am shall be allowed within the city limits." The rave community responded by holding a free rave at Nathan Phillips Square while abstaining from drugs. The next day City Council voted 50 to 3 in favour of reversing the ban.

iDance Rally and Olivia Chow

Behind the Scene - Free Rave, Atomic Lollipop and Dance Dance Rave-olution

I'm not convinced Behind the Scene should be the title of this series, but Part of Several Scenes from My Perspective is to wordy. The implications of words like rave, Peace Love Unity And Respect (PLUR) and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) are fraught with peril these days. Present day rave culture has transformed largely into what is now called the EDM Scene. Underground rave culture has changed but still exists in Toronto, the city has also hosted some major mainstream events in recent years
.The Rise and Fall of the Toronto Rave Scene
Should We Let PLUR Die

CUE Art Project Grant

In July 2014 I became one of 28 artists to receive funding from CUE this summer, thank you CUE!

What is CUE?
CUE is a radical arts initiative dedicated to supporting new generation artists living and working on the margins in Toronto. We recognize that, throughout history, some of the most important artwork was, and still is, created by artists who produce outside of conventional frameworks- underrepresented artists who, by choice or circumstance do not participate in commercial culture, or share mainstream world views. There are bright lights shining from the cracks and corners. Since 2008, CUE has disseminated over $180,000 in grant funds to support the creation of 190 art projects. For more info, please visit: or follow us on Twitter @CUETorontoHave an idea? Need funding? Working outside the box and in the margins? You're in luck! CUE is accepting proposals until October 30th, 2014. Check out the guidelines here.

As you can see, my very first attempt at lifting an Impossible Film photo was not spectacular. I had worked with Polaroid Film using a Polaroid back on a 4x5 camera under a sunlight. That gave me total control over the exposure and allowed time for me to thoughtfully compose my images. Using an automatic Polaroid 600 camera at an outdoor rave with Impossible Project film is an entirely different beast. It's been a blast so far!

Atomic Lollipop 2014 - At A Glance

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Hands on Exotic

Hand son Exotic

Hands on Exotic

Cafe Delish

Cafe Delish

Microbe Valentines/My Little Parasite - Crafting

Lolita Style and Shopping Panel

ABC's of Cosplay Striptease

Name That 90s Tune

Germany scores in the final game of the FIFA World Cup 2014

Germany scores in the final game of the FIFA World Cup 2014

Want to know more about Atomic Lollipop? Visit their Facebook Page!

New Camera... Impossible Film?

"Hey mom, can you take a photo of me in front of this bus." 15 minutes later... "Oh."

Five days later I started seeing red.

On June 9th, 2014 I graduated from Ryerson University's Image Arts - Photography program with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with honours. If you'd like to know more see my cv or bio.
I'm fortunate to have been given some really fantastic gifts from my family and friends. Including, a Polaroid 680 camera from my mom. It's a single lens reflex camera, the flash can be turned off, it can be mounted to a tripod, it has auto or manual focus and a wheel to dial up or down exposure.
At first I thought the mirror inside the camera was broken, but after trying another pack of film it was clear that it had been the problem.

The new Impossible Film differs from original Polaroid film in several important ways. Both colour and black and white Impossible Film has to be sheltered from light completely after exposure.

Using Format